Fresh Crispy Heavenly Napoleon

This Napoleon can be the best thing you can ever have in your entire life and I'm not even exaggerating!

$ 7.90
Organic Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These treats perfectly combine fresh, juicy strawberries, and rich chocolate. The final product is delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries that look as spectacular as they taste.Pack of 6 

$ 12.00
Organic Belgian Chocolate Banana Pops

New jungle fresh frozen banana slices dipped in fine %100 Belgian chocolate. Zero transfat

$ 2.50
Fresh Croissant

Buttery, flaky and fresh croissants

$ 2.50
X-Large Strawberry Shortcake Cups

All the flavors of the classic strawberry shortcake but with a soft cake layer instead of biscuit

$ 7.90
New Fruit Tart

This delicious tart will also win over all those who taste it

$ 5.90
New Brownie Bites

Delicious and full of chocolate brownie bites

$ 5.90
Organic French Macarons

Bliss in a bite! Airy, crisp little puffs of deliciousness flank soft, chewy ganache fillings. A French favorite, available in a delectable assortments. It's made %100 with Almond Flour! Plus, it's organic!

$ 3.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies Pack of 3

An american classic, crispy outside, chewy inside. They have been baked with real love and %100 belgian chocolate chips!

$ 5.90
Pack of M&M Cookies (55 oz.)

A truly classic cookie. Great for any special occasion or an everyday treat

$ 7.90
Black and White Cookies Pack of 3

Bring home an authentic New York City treat! These tasty vanilla cookies are topped with delicious vanilla and chocolate icing

$ 4.95
Box of Assorted Funfetti Cookies(55 oz)

Chewy, colorful funfetti cookies made from scratch! Bundle of 3

$ 7.90
New Handmade Cannoli

Golden crispy shells filled with a signature recipe of ricotta cheese, hints of cinnamon & chocolate chips

$ 4.95
New Specially Handmade Chocolate Cannoli

Cannoli is a famous Italian dessert – crunchy fried dough with a chocolaty ricotta filling, all topped off with chocolate sauce

$ 4.95
Chocolate Souffle

Light and airy, this dessert is a little taste of chocolate heaven

$ 5.50
Special Designed Triple Fine Belgian Chocolate Cake

Delicious cake with full of chocolate filling that has been made fully organic products! %100 Organic belgian chocolate!

$ 9.90
Handmade Chocolate Baklava

Baklava is a very known and preferred dessert in the whole world. Handmade Chocolate Pistachio Baklava is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with pistachio and chocolate aroma and sweetened with syrup.

$ 5.50
Handmade Baklava

Rich, sweet, crisp, nutty - the ancient sweet ticks so many dessert boxes.

$ 5.50
X-Large Blueberry Muffin

they’re not too sweet, boast a tender crumb, and are bursting with blueberries in each and every bite

$ 4.99
X-Large Chocolate Muffin

they’re not too sweet, boast a tender crumb, and are bursting with chocolate in each and every bite

$ 4.99
%100 Belgian Chocolate Tart

This %100 Gourmet Belgian chocolate tart is a must for chocolate lovers!

$ 4.90
Heavenly Crème Brule

Made with only the finest ingredients, our silky crme brle is flavored with a hint of aromatic vanilla and finished with a sweet, crunchy topping.

$ 6.95
Southern Pecan Pie

Delicious and nutty pecan pie just the way you could find in South!

$ 6.95
Organic Gourmet Passionfruit Tart

This sourish and sweet tart is specially handmade by our gourmet chefs just for you!

$ 4.90
Organic Gourmet Lemon Tart

This delicious and sour lemon tart has been made by our gourmet chefs just for our lovely customers!

$ 4.90
Coconut Lemon Cake Slice

Sour yet super delicious.Moist, flavorful homemade Lemon Coconut Cake! A homemade loaf cake bursting with lemon and coconut flavor that’s topped with a lemon cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut

$ 7.25
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